Chicago Style Pizza

Pizza is one of the mainstays of world cuisine. It tastes great and is easy to share, making it perfect for any social occasion. Perhaps the biggest advantage is its versatility. When it comes to this Pizza 9’s staple, you don’t have to limit yourself to varieties like pepperoni or cheese. You will be sure to love our Chicago style pizza and endless varieties of all kinds of meats, cheeses and vegetables.

Pizza 9 is more than just a pizza restaurant. We also offer a wide selection of food to meet anyone’s preferences. From fresh salads to delectable wings to our mouth watering hot subs, we pride ourselves on preparing delicious meals for every customer, every time. Our ingredients are fresh, all served by a friendly and courteous staff.

If you’re looking for a delicious pizzeria in Santa Fe, NM, Pizza 9 is at your service. For your convenience, we offer pizza delivery and takeout services. Place your orders today!